Network Pcap Tools

Libtrace comes bundled with a series of tools that perform most common trace manipulation tasks. These include:

  • traceanon - anonymises trace files
  • traceconvert - converts a trace from one format to another
  • tracediff... more

Useful tips/tools and tricks for tetsting your network , packet generating and crafting.

SiLK is a collection of traffic analysis tools developed by the CERT Network Situational Awareness Team (CERT NetSA) to facilitate security analysis of large networks. The SiLK tool suite supports the efficient collection, storage, and analysis... more

Here we have links to some freely available software.

  • AMP - Active Measurement Project
  • BSOD Visualisation
  • CRCnet Configuration System
  • Darpwatch
  • Datagram Congestion Control Protocol
  • dhcparpd... more

Wireshark's most powerful feature is its vast array of display filters (over 125000 fields in 1000 protocols as of version 1.8.7). They let you drill down to the exact traffic you want to see and are the basis of many of Wireshark's other... more

This is a place for scripts and tools related to Wireshark / TShark that users may like to share, and for links to related NetworkTroubleshooting tools.

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