What is the same command for the different OS-es ? You can cross-reference it on this link.

They have a bunch of on line tools that you can use to see what and how is your PC/server visible "out there" on the Internet - browser scanners, firewall test, you can even see all your internal /Private IP / addresses your computer has ever... more, a place for practical or just pure awesome bash one-liners or shell script tips and tricks for GNU Linux, UNIX or BSD systems. You can post a bash one-liner to share it with the world, or browse or search the one-liners... more is the place to record those command-line gems that you return to again and again.

A comparison of Linux/BSD/Solaris commands.

This is a linux command line reference for common operations.

A glossary of various terms and acronyms related to the Linux kernel. If you know something, please create yourself an account (UserPreferences) and add a term in alphabetical order. Don't be afraid to improve other people's explanations, the... more

Linux-Unix cheat sheets - The ultimate collection:

  • Linux Command Line Cheat Sheets
  • Solaris Cheat Sheets
  • IBM (AIX) Cheat Sheets
  • Debian/Ubuntu Cheat Sheets
  • Package Management Cheat Sheets
  • ... more


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