The idea behind this article is to put together the best /in our opinion/ Open Source  software there is for Inventory and Software management of multiple  /we mean A LOT OF/ hosts. 

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CybOX™ International in scope and free for public use, CybOX is a standardized schema for the specification, capture, characterization, and communication of events... more

Other OSS or freware tools and apps

Exploit Databases - AmbitWire's Ultimate Collection

You know the long, long website addresses, that are so long when you copy/paste them it gets 3-4 lines long in your e-mail. No need to worry cause these two websites do just that - link shorteners. Shorten it, copy/paste it and is as good as the... more

A glossary of various terms and acronyms related to the Linux kernel. If you know something, please create yourself an account (UserPreferences) and add a term in alphabetical order. Don't be afraid to improve other people's explanations, the... more

This site is where you can find the official documentation developed and maintained by the Ubuntu Documentation Project.


On this page we have selected two open source cluster and server farm monitoring software. If you need monitoring for a cluster system you are going to need a different approach. At AmbitWire we hope that this selection of open... more


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