IDS/IPS Testing

HTTPFlooder is a tool that can perform stress tests, load tests, botnet simulation, DoS/DDoS tests and fuzzing for HTTP protocol.It supports the following attack types:

  • GET Flood
  • POST Flood
  • Slow Headers (Slowlories... more

Inundator is a multi-threaded, queue-driven, anonymous intrusion detection false positives generator with support for multiple targets.

Signature-based intrusion detection systems use a set of attack descriptions to analyze event streams, looking for evidence of malicious behavior. If the signatures are expressed in a well-defined language, it is possible to analyze the attack... more

Testing an IDS can be a tedious task, it can even become a nightmare... Especially if you test it manually!

Pytbull is automatic and complete.

Pytbull is shipped with about 300 tests grouped in 11 testing modules:

... more

32-bit · 64-bit · Debian · IDS · IPS · Linux · Open Source · Ubuntu · Fedora · CentOS · BSD · Unix

Rule2Alert parses snort rules and generates packets on the fly that would alert the IDS. It can either write the packets to a pcap or send the packets directly to the IDS.

Rule2Alert utilizes Scapy to craft each individual packet. Based on... more

32-bit · 64-bit · Open Source · GPL · IDS · IPS · Linux · Debian · BSD · Ubuntu · Unix · Windows

Sneeze is a Snort false-positive generator written in perl. It will read normal Snort rules files, parse them, and generate packets that will hope- fully trigger those same rules. Sneeze can be configured to use specific network devices, source... more

32-bit · 64-bit · BSD · Debian · Linux · Open Source · Ubuntu · Unix · IDS · IPS
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