monitor networked systems
provide a simple real-time view of the current network status
notify you when your systems are becoming critical
generate a history of status changes
log and display a variety of system performance data

- oracle: Oracle database check
- tripwire: Tripwire system consistency check
- bbscript: for re-using Big Brother monitoring scripts
- statusfile: as a simple interface to simple monitors
- cpuload: CPU load as reported by uptime
- eventlog: monitoring NT EventLog
- logfile: generic log file monitor
- procs: checking running processes
- ping: checking reachability of a host
- fs: checking file system usage
- rpc_ping: checking RPC responses
- tcp: generic TCP monitor
- sar: checks sar output against limits
- snmp: does snmp polling
- dumpdates: check for last dump/ufsdump backup
- syslog: check system log files
- OV: HP Openview trap monitor
- metastat: check Solstice DiskSuite RAID-Systems
- dns: check DNS servers
- radius: Radius
- http/realhttp: Web Server
- ... many more