Suggestion List of Top 8 Best Open Source SNMP MiB Browser Tools


AmbitWire's selection of open source or free SNMP MiB browser software. Some of these tools are simple some of them go all the way, depending what you need we hope you find what you are looking for.

      Simple Network Management Protocol is a UDP-based network protocol. SNMP is mostly used to poll and monitor network devices. SNMP enabled/configured devices (agents) store data about themselves in a Management Information Base and send it to the configured requester, which in turn uses it to gather information of the status of the devices.


Unbrowse SNMP -  IPv4 and IPv6, rich graphics. You can compile MIBs, read/write values of the MIB objects, you can import snmpwalk dumps, use SNMPv3 and a lot more. Moreover they have special add-on repositories for Juniper, Cisco, Riverstone and Motorola!!


SNMP Browser - a simple graphical snmp browser for KDE


JMIBBrowser  - Java based and open source. Great tool, simple and powerful - can do GET,SET and "wildcard" queries.


SNMP4J - Powerful all in one, full featured open source SNMP implementation. Supports SNMPv3, encryption, IPv4/IPv6, TCP, UDP and the list goes on.


Mibble - a Simple Java SNMP reader.


Nstrument Free Mib browser - free and open source includes over 1200 MiBs, runs on Windows and requires .NET 3.5


Tembria SNMp browser - Very good and intuitive user interface. You can sort out the results from multiple parts of the MiB tree into one view and export the views in HTML or Excell format.


Mbrowse - /simply do "apt-get install mbrowse" on your Linux distro/ - Open Source graphical SNMP MiB query tool.


      So there you have it folks - top 8  free or open source SNMP browser tools. Hope it helps your particular SNMP needs.