Open Source Cluster Software - Open Source Software Solution to Build your Own Computer Cluster

We have a few suggestions if you need to build your open source high computational cluster. These packages are free and open source and we hope that our recommendation is going to help you out .


DRBD - "DRBD® refers to block devices designed as a building block to form high availability (HA) clusters. This is done by mirroring a whole block device via an assigned network. DRBD can be understood as network based raid-1.  In the illustration above, the two orange boxes represent two servers that form an HA cluster. The boxes contain the usual components of a Linux™ kernel: file system, buffer cache, disk scheduler, disk drivers, TCP/IP stack and network interface card (NIC) driver. The black arrows illustrate the flow of data between these components.  The orange arrows show the flow of data, as DRBD mirrors the data of a highly available service from the active node of the HA cluster to the standby node of the HA cluster. "

ROCKS - "  Rocks is an open-source Linux cluster distribution that enables end users to easily build computational clusters, grid endpoints and visualization tiled-display walls. Hundreds of researchers from around the world have used Rocks to deploy their own cluster ......  Since May 2000, the Rocks group has been addressing the difficulties of deploying manageable clusters. We have been driven by one goal: make clusters easy. By easy we mean easy to deploy, manage, upgrade and scale. We are driven by this goal to help deliver the computational power of clusters to a wide range of scientific users. It is clear that making stable and manageable parallel computing platforms available to a wide range of scientists will aid immensely in improving the state of the art in parallel tools."

OSCAR - "OSCAR allows users, regardless of their experience level with a *nix environment, to install a  Beowulf type high performance computing cluster. It also contains everything needed to administer and program this type of HPC cluster. OSCAR's flexible package management system has a rich set of pre-packaged applications and utilities which means you can get up and running without laboriously installing and configuring complex cluster administration and communication packages. It also lets administrators create customized packages for any kind of distributed application or utility, and to distribute those packages from an online package repository, either on or off site.  OSCAR installs on top of a standard installation of a supported Linux distribution. It installs and configures all required software for the selected packages according to user input. Then it creates customized disk images which are used to provision the computational nodes in the cluster with all the client software and administrative tools needed for immediate use. OSCAR also includes a robust and extensible testing architecture, ensuring that the cluster setup you have chosen is ready for production. "