About Ambitwire

What is Ambitwire

The main idea of Ambitwire.com is to provide useful resources, utils and info for IT administrative and development solutions.
The purpose of the site and its team is to help the mid sized and large network, system and security administrators, with some cool and flexible software solutions and ideas that are only and exclusively open source or free.

Also, efforts are made to focus on the ordinary internet user with some articles and how to's with the purpose of helping and aiding the regular user that has little or no knowledge of networks, internet and computer software, to get a better idea and protect him/herself of fraud and foul play over the internet.

In short Ambitwire is :

  • The Network and Server Administrator's Open Source Catalog for free and open source tools and software.
  • A site for Open Source or Free network and server management, security, monitoring and administration software and information.

Trying and doing our best in every way and on any day to support and promote Open Source.